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23rd  July 2018

BhAaVnAa came into action from its official head office situated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


August 2018

Bhaavnaa took the charge of organizing Food & clothes distribution program at an old age home, Bhubaneswar.


November 2018

Bhaavnaa celebrated Diwali by distributing sweets among the poor around the streets of Bhubaneswar.


December 2018

Bhaavnaa regulated food and clothes distribution at an orphanage in Bhubaneswar.


January 2019

All active members of Bhaavnaa came forward for attending a warm get together

Later in the evening, members distributed some eatables among needy people in Bhubaneswar.


April 2019

Bhaavnaa celebrated Holi at an old age home in Ranchi along with food and clothes distribution.


The entire team of Bhaavana took the initiative of visiting an Orphan School for conducting martial arts /self-defense classes at Nakhra, Odisha.


Bhavnaa arranged an interaction session with physically disabled people in Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu. Our southern region head Mr. Srinivas accepted the responsibility of giving a presentation about Bhaavnaa Trust and its services to the society.


May 2019

Bhaavnaa made its efforts for supplying food and water to the victims of cyclone-affected areas in Puri, Odisha.


June 2019

Bhaavnaa team visited a School for handicapped children at Ranchi and spent some quality time with the children at that school. Distributed food items, balloons, color papers for drawing, notebooks etc for the purpose of spreading happiness.


In the leadership of Archita Mishra, Bhaavnaa took the pride of organizing a tree plantation activity in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.


July 2019

Bhaavnaa contributed its attempts for donating clothes and food for leprosy patients near Loknath Mandir in Puri, Odisha.


August 2019

Bhaavnaa took the lead of arranging a Drawing competition for school children in several schools of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


This auspicious journey of Bhaavnaa became possible only because of the immense dedication of whole BhAaVnAa Team.

We are fortunate to have-


 Our founder, chairman Mr. Siddharth Paikray, Founder member  and secretary Arpana Sinha, Planner advisor Mr. Sri Nivas, Umashankar Patnaik, Sunil Sinha, Dipti Routroy, Sumit Sinha, Preeti Sinha, Archita Mishra, Seema Sinha

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