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Remedial Education

Education is the greatest gift to humans. Those who have received proper education understand its value. Education is not merely acquiring the knowledge only rather it is shaping your brain to think, act and take critical decisions. To bring a change in society and do something new, education is a must. Even in life and in every field, education helps us in a great way. It teaches us to look at life from a different perspective. Give us the knowledge of the world and around us, how things work etc. Information cannot be converted into knowledge without education. It helps us in creating opinions and in giving own point of view on things in life. Education makes us capable of interpreting things; it is not just remembering the lessons of the textbook.


Introduction of remedial education by Bhaavnaa


Bhaavnaa an organization dedicated it's time for the welfare of others. Bhaavnaa believes in equal rights for every individual and so the child's education too. Bhaavnaa is continuously giving its effort to spread education so that no child is left behind.

Bhaavnaa is working on the concept of remedial education which means to provide education for development and for putting basic skills in students. Remedial education is designed for any type of students to compete in preparatory education and upgrade academically. Remedial courses of Bhaavnaa include basic teachings of Maths and English, so that in future- students do not face difficulty in their regular college courses. This course is designed for students who need extra attention and succeed academically.


Remedial students are not struggling with their intellectual abilities rather the obstacle is lack of confidence in them in special areas viz as reading, writing, and mathematics.  Bhaavnaa has structured the courses in such a way that students can live fully to their potential and prove them academically competent.


Many students find it outdated and boring to listen like traditional lecture class and grasp the stuff. Remedial courses offer one-to-one attention to building good analytical skills and confidence. So, remedial education courses of Bhaavnaa can help students in dealing with common learning problems. Therefore, students do not face basic learning problems while taking higher education.


Spreading the Scope of education

Making the students expertise in any field is not an easy task. The goal can be achieved by sharpening the brain only through education. Bhaavnaa is working continuously to increase the scope of education in India so that every child gets their educational rights. Most of the villager's persons don’t understand the real value of education and thus they don’t give much priority to this. However, Bhaavnaa with its team is putting their efforts to teach people about the importance of education. Even they have taken the initiative to start educating children free of cost.

Bhaavnaa is working with the changing pace of the world to produce a faster, smarter and better grade of human beings. They are focusing on key elements that are disrupting the education to spread throughout the country. The missing factors are likely to be created with private funding and it thus will spread education reach dramatically in every deprived place and deprived child.


How Bhaavnaa delivers the scope of education in India?

Bhaavnaa believes in the talent and potential of every child. They give each and every single opportunity to the needy and deprived child to grow academically. Bhaavnaa describes the people- how education can change the life and explains its importance in everyday life. They are continuously giving their effort to spread the awareness about accepting education and giving them as the top priority. For this, several coaching classes are being run by Bhaavnaa and is expanding day by day in many parts of India.

So, You should too join in our mission to encourage people towards educating everyone. To deliver the people that anything can be achieved by simply educating yourself.

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