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Bhaavnaa Magazine

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Bhaavnaa is a truly pious miracle which is healing lives. Bhaavnaa is the output of one magnificent thought. We are unfolding the pride of being the real saviour of humanity in the modern world. Bhaavnaa is effectively protecting the actual essence of mankind. Nowadays no one is able to find enough time for helping out the needy people. A big portion of the population is struggling with poverty, insufficient power, domestic valance, financial inability and endless problems of life journey. Bhaavnaa is willing to deliver new dawn of hope in such lives. We possess our immense faith in love and affection. We rely on the view that mutual corporation is the only mantra of betterment.

After making the keen observation of this slightly fading world our founder, chairman and managing trustee Siddharth S. Paikry took the oath of planting unmatchable changes In our society. Bhaavnaa is the appreciable product of this great initiative. We started with a small group of 5 members and today we have fabricated our happy family of around 18,000 members all across India. We are fortunate enough to have Aparna Sinha as our founder secretary and trustee . She contributed amazing in the boarding success of Bhaavnaa. We all commenced with a facebook group and she is the only one who transformed a facebook group into a huge community of change makers.We are working consistently in the direction of perfection and possibilities. Chasing your dream is our goal and we are making it happen through our collective efforts.

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