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In this modern era, everyone is thinking of their self only and busy in their lives. People think that by becoming more self-centered and selfish, he can flourish towards success. But that is not mere true and opposite thought of this stands more valid. This means if more love is spread and helpful persons become- the society becomes more developed. Today, we can see some people are rich more than enough while some are poor - seeking one time of proper meals. Some children are not even getting an opportunity to see academic books even.


With the same inquisitive questions, Bhaavnaa was formed by a team of 05 persons in the initial days. The motto of Bhaavnaa is to save humanity and encourage people to help others. Its mission is to heal the lives of needy persons who are weak in every respect. They might be physically weak, mentally weak, emotionally weak, socially inactive, financially weak, and spiritually weak having insufficient power. They need love and support. With the big goal, Bhaavnaa is on the journey to healing the lives of people. Take today's youngsters out of depression. Helping the deprived child to get proper education and teaching martial arts for self-defense are some of our prime goals.

Inspired by this great vision of Bhaavnaa to help needy ones somehow has actually triggered the mind of many. Today, more than 18000 members have come up to become a part of Bhaavnaa and save humanity in society. The aim of Bhaavnaa is simple- to help and heal the lives of others. To take out every person from hellish life to heaven life is our destination. We believe that only love and affection towards others can make a better society for living.

You might have experienced also that if the front person is happy and living a better life, he would then also run towards helping others. In this way, everyone gets helped by mutual cooperation. Every child has the right to get an education to do something better for the society. God has made us humans with given intelligence, but we should see how we are using our intelligence.  We should ask questions from ourselves- Are we really using our perfect brains for the welfare of someone? Can I bring a smile on someone’s child face by my simple effort? Can I take out persons from the mud of poverty to a better life condition? If not, then what are we doing and how we are going to make use of our human life?  If we can’t make an effort to make changes and expect the society to be all good, its mere a dream only.

Bhaavnaa is a pious miracle which is healing lives. Bhaavnaa takes the opportunity to focus on overall personality development by giving mental and emotional support too. The 18000+ family members of Bhaavnaa is dedicated to make our country a peaceful place.

You can also take pride in joining our organization for the welfare of others and show kindness. It will not benefit you financially but certainly it gives happiness and satisfaction. All you need is a strong will to dedicate your effort towards the welfare of others. Now, one can expect relaxation over the capable shoulder of Bhaavnaa.

The chairman of our head office of Bhaavnaa in Bhubaneswar, Odisha is expanding its administrative office all round India. The network of this office will be spread in the next five years.


So take an oath to join our organization be the reason for change of society with Bhaavnaa.

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