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Our Reach

Healing never comes easy. It is a consistent and gradual process that requires proper time to happen in the most ideal way. In a world that is slowly losing its core values of humanity amidst the chaos, it gets even more important to remind that peace and prosperity still have to be restored.


This is exactly what Bhaavnaa keeps belief in. For a society that is constantly losing its values, it is equally important to strengthen the principles of human values among the minds of people. The key is to keep the faith restored by matching the steps with changes.

The need for such change is that a large proportion of our society is going through the toughest time. A large section of our society is trapped in the holocaust of poverty, unemployment, financial instability, dowry, gender discrimination, racism and many other orthodox practices that still prevail. Among many other such problems, a large section of our people suffers through the most terrible times. Even as per the recent statistics, a larger section of backward classes and below poverty line families do cannot even be offered to have two meals in a single day.

One of our most recognized services is also related to martial arts training. Not just with the aim to bring phenomenal changes in society, we actually strive for better with each and every step we take. Our efficient team of experience and field trainers makes sure spread the word and skills of martial arts to each and every person. This is due to the necessity of self-defense as the crime rates are alarmingly increasing. Especially for young girls and women, self-defense is something that should be made a part of their basic skills. We believe in changes and the power that even a minor step can bring in. You can rely on our services for the most reliable services data needed to turn dreams into the reality of today's society.

Keeping the above things in mind, our founders decided to take a step ahead and strive for a change that can actually bring more harmony to this world. The change happened to be in the form of Bhaavnaa.

Apart from any other factors that we wish to bring a change in, education is one sector that seriously needs a more realistic and practical approach. This is one direction where all our efforts are slowly heading towards. Being the most basic right of every person, education should be accessible in the most convenient and profound way. To make friends even more efficient we are constantly working in the direction of spreading our networks throughout the country.


We feel extremely delighted to bring this into general notice that our journey as an established name from just a Facebook group to a network with a countrywide reach is what we are aiming for. We really look forward to a better and improved system that can actually have established changes in our society that we are actually laboring day and night for. Keeping these valuable services limited to certain parts of the country is not something that is really ideal. This is the reason why we are putting all our efforts in spreading out our networks to every corner of the country to ensure overall and sustainable development of our society as a whole. Our utmost faith lies Hindi importance of self-reliance and this is what we dream of implementing to each and every individual's mind. We would be really happy to bring this much-needed revolution, as unity and prosperity is what we really believe in.

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