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Award and Accreditation

Bhaavnaa is not merely a community but it’s a trust in the form of human efforts. We believe in hard work, this is the only factor which signifies the hope of betterment. We started our initiative as a facebook group and at the present time, we covered a long way. The warmest response which we received from people in our real award. We consider your support as our biggest accreditation. We are here to make this world a peaceful place for all of you. If you are also ambitious to equip a good change in this sphere then choose us. We would like to serve this planet with you.

Our setup of Martial Arts training is there to help you out. We hope to get a precious reaction form your side. The love of the citizens of our country is our topmost achievement. Let us unite the boundaries of affection. We are paying our sincere attempts in tying everyone in the thread of triumph and harmony. Come forward shower your blessings to Bhaavnaa. We need a huge package locked with your wishes. Your happiness is our progress. Bhaavnaa is anxiously waiting for your appreciation. We are willing to grab lots of awards from your faith.

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