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Apke 2/- Rupiya ka Daan.. Pasu Pakhshiyon ke Naam

The New Initiative of Bhaavnaa Trust
There is no purer love than an animal; a real lover of an animal is in agreement. One of the greatest pleasures of your life, particularly if you are in deep touch with them, is playing with fluffy, four-legged pets.
Bhaavnaa Animals Care (BAC) is the new wing of the Bhaavnaa Trust, whose main aim is to take care of the animals. Their noble initiative involves feeding different animals found mainly in urban areas. As part of this programme, there will be a food court under the brand name of the Bhaavnaa Trust.
We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization in India committed to the welfare of animals, birds and other species.

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Bhaavnaa is a truly pious miracle that is healing lives. Bhaavnaa is the output of one magnificent thought. We are unfolding the pride of being the real savior of humanity in the modern world. Bhaavnaa is effectively protecting the actual essence of mankind. Nowadays no one is able to find enough time for helping out the needy people. A big portion of the population is struggling with poverty, insufficient power, domestic valance, financial inability and endless problems of life journey. Bhaavnaa is willing to deliver new dawn of hope in such lives. We possess our immense faith in love and affection. We rely on the view that mutual corporation is the only mantra of betterment. We are the best charity organisation Odisha

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Bhaavnaa is doing intensifying justification with its actual meaning. People out there we are glad to tell you that Bhaavnaa is unrolling the glory of human emotions. In the world of busy lives, we are honestly framing our efforts to weave the perfect peace of soul. We are here for you in every uncertain condition of your voyage.


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